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This page describes how YWAMers in Japan communicate with each other.


The backbone of YWAM Japan communication is the Matrix protocol--an open network for secure, decentralized communication. Element is the app we use to communicate on the Matrix protocol.

We have installed a bridge from our main public Open Chat room on Matrix to Telegram.

To connect with our community, you can use one of the following apps:

If you are (or are joining as) a staff member, please use Element.

Quick Sign-up Tutorial for Element

  1. Install the Element app (or use the web interface) and sign up
  2. After you're logged in, join our public Open Chat room and say hello!
  3. An admin will contact you to confirm you are a YWAM Japan staff before inviting you to the YWAM Japan Space (to access our private rooms- staff only)
  4. Join whichever rooms you like within the Space and join the discussions!

Rooms for YWAMers

Here are a list of rooms available to YWAMers in Japan (who have been given access to the YWAM Japan Space):

Element User Guide

For more information on how to use Element, as well as to find out all of its features, check out the official User Guide.


If you run into any problems, or need to ask a question, pop Gary a message: