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Religious Activities Visa Renewal

If you are currently residing in Japan with a YWAM Japan issued visa, you can start the process of renewing your Religious Activities Visa from 3 months prior to it expiring. We recommend starting the process of gathering the required documents prior to this. This page details this process. Please follow this process carefully.

The Process

  • Message your YWAM location's visa person the following: residence card number, length of desired visa extension (1, 3, or 5 years), and the name and address of your sending church (who will be providing letters as part of this application).
  • Gather together all required documents (detailed below).
  • You then go to your local immigration office and submit all of these documents.
  • You will receive a postcard through the mail after between 2 weeks and 1 month when your application has been processed. Take this to the immigration office, along with the 4,000 yen revenue stamp, in order to pick up your new residence card.

Required Documentation

Please find below a list of what you need in order to apply for your visa extension.

  • Two original, signed letters on church stationary, not copies, from your sending church: Letter of Dispatch and Letter of Release. (Your YWAM location's visa person can provide more details of what these must include)
  • Japanese Tax (or Tax Exemption) Certificate - issued by the city office where you resided as of the previous 1 January.
  • A 4cm x 3cm portrait photograph (should be clear, with a plain background, and recently taken. Applicant in photo should be facing forward, without sunglasses, hats, etc.). Write your name on the back and stick it to the application form.
  • Completed Application Form (pages 1 and 2)
  • Page 3 of the Application Form from your YWAM location's visa person
  • YWAM Japan National Office issued Invitation/Warranty from your YWAM location's visa person
  • Passport and residence card
  • 4,000 yen revenue stamp when picking up the new residence card - can be bought at a post office

Note: If any of these documents are in another language other than English or Japanese, please also provide English or Japanese translations.