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We want to see new YWAM ministries pioneered all over Japan! Currently, we have 12 YWAM locations in Japan. But much of Japan is still unreached. If you feel the call to pioneer, praise God! This page outlines how we can help with pioneering new works here in Japan.


Our heart and desire is to see all YWAM ministries within Japan to be in strong, loving relationship with each other. It is through our unity and love for one another that the Japanese will come to know God (who Himself is united and loving).

We encourage new pioneering teams to connect with the existing YWAM tribe here in Japan, and actively seek relationship. You can do this by:

  • Connecting with any other YWAMers you know already here in Japan
  • Visiting existing YWAM ministries
  • Getting in touch with the YWAM Japan Area Circle Team (ACT)

In particular, the ACT will assist you in better connecting with the YWAM Japan community. They would love to hear your heart and pray for you!

We usually hold an annual YWAM Japan Gathering hosted by a YWAM Japan location. We would love to see you there!

In Japan, religious groups are able to register themselves with the Japanese government as a Religious Corporation (宗教法人). Many Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, Christian churches, and missionary organisations are registered in this way.

YWAM Japan currently has registered with one Religious Corporation under the name of 世界青年宣教会 (Sekai Seinen Senkyokai). A majority of YWAM ministries within Japan are members of this Religious Corporation.

All YWAM ministries and locations within Japan (both exisitng and pioneering) are recommended to either become a member of this existing Religious Corporation, or to create a new one.

If you would like to know more about this please visit this page.